What is a Whippet?


    So What is a Whippet Supposed to Look Like?

    If you are reading this, you may think you know what a whippet is supposed to look like. Long nose, long legs, elegant...I mean, how difficult can it be, right? The truth is, what makes a whippet is a lot more than that. Whippets, like all pure breed dogs, are bred to a written standard. Without these breed standards, a person could say a dog was any breed they wanted it to be. The breed standard sets, in writing, all the details of each part of the dog and how they are supposed to look, disqualifying points, and even the breeds temperment. Breeders then choose from their litters which puppy or puppies they will move forward with in order for each generation to be closer to the standard than the generation before.

    You can find whippets all over the world. Whippets in different countries may vary slightly as there are several whippet breed standards throughout the world. In general they may look the same, but to a knowledable person, there can be quite noticable differences.

    In the United States, the American Kennel Club recognizes the breed standard as set forth by the whippet parent club, The American Whippet Club. If you are wanting to learn more about whippets, we highly recommend reading the breed standard and learning exactly what makes a whippet, a whippet. Click HERE for the entire breed standard.