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We love whippets, are active in showing and other events with our dogs and occasionally strive to improve on our dogs. That means we are active in dog competition events and may breed a litter of pups here and there. We are an AKC Breeder of Merit. We promise that our litters will always be well thought out and purposeful. Though we have been in whippets for over 20 years, our first litter was in 2019.
We believe in PURPOSEFULLY bred purebreed dogs obtained from RESPONSIBLE breeders. Throughout the years that we have had whippets, we have obtained our dogs (and hope you will get your future dogs) from such breeders. Breeders that love the whippet and people that breed for correct conformation, type, temperment, and HEALTH. We recommend starting your search for a whippet via the AKC (American Kennel Club) website. When you start your search, know that mating dogs is easy and ALL puppies are cute. You may run across a cute pup that melts your heart, but ask yourself, "Did the breeder put time into the pairing BEFORE mating? Did the breeder invest money into health testing BOTH parents to minimize any chance of passing life threatening and/or costly health issues?" Getting a puppy that will grow into a healthy, good tempered pet that will give a lifetime of love should not be a matter of chance or luck. Health testing parents means healthier pups. If you want to know how to tell the difference between responsible breeders and people looking to make a quick buck, we suggest you read the information you can find on our page Breeders VS Adoption, On Breeders. Responsible breeders breed with a PURPOSE. That purpose is to improve the breed and make each successive generation closer to the breed standard than the last.
ANY reputable breeder should at least have CURRENT heart and eye clearances, to show you. Breeders should also list those health clearances with the Canine Health Information Center (OFA). For more info on making sure you get your pup from a responsible breeder, we highly suggest reading our page ON BREEDERS before starting your search.
We only have 4 dogs at our property but we have several of our dogs placed with wonderful people throughout the State of Florida and beyond. We have a Hobby breeder permit from Palm Beach County in FLorida W-3HB-19-P0793409

Animal Acting

Harry has an agent and has done several jobs for websites, print, and television including a major market, nationwide campaign for City Furniture. You can find him on the AKC website in the whippets section. Please feel free to "Like" Harry's page on Facebook. Just click the link or search for "Harry the Whippet" to find his page. Luna -UKC CH Phoenix Petticoat Junction, CGC has also joined the fun, doing work recently for Chewy.

About us

I was introduced to the dog show world when I got my first whippet (Riley) from Yvonne Sovereign of Sowagla whippets. I started showing him in 1999. Though he never pointed, Riley went on to get quite a few ribbons of Reserve Winners dogs showing at AKC dog shows, got his CGC title, and was my heart dog. I got a couple of additional dogs trying to find a suitable show quality whippet until 2004 when I had my first child. I stayed as a one whippet household until 2012 when I decided to, once again, dive into the world of showing whippets. I have owner handled finished my own dogs and have shown and pointed a few whippets for friends.

I am a wife, mom of 2 boys, a registered nurse, professional artist, author, and I own and run an e-commerce website that sells Purple Martin houses and supplies. In a "former life" I was an Animal Care Specialist with the U.S. Army Reserves (91T) for 6 years and a civilian Veterinary Technician.
I have written several books including the early readers series for children, Jesse's Dog Adventures and the informational book, Your New WHIPPET Puppy-bringing your sighthound home, that we send all our puppies home with. All are available on Amazon.

Both of our sons occasionally show our whippets in the breed ring and when they were younger, they competed in AKC Junior Showmanship as well. My younger son is my assistant and co-breeder and he occasionally competes in Rally as well.

Shop OR Adopt

We are passionate in our belief that people should have the choice of what type of dog they want and where they go to get it. Though purchasing a shelter dog is suitable for some, we believe there is no shame in wanting to purchase a dog from a breeder. We don't use the term adopt as ADOPT means to voluntarily take. When money exchanges hands, it is a SALE. Most of what people call dog rescue is really retail dog sales. The main difference is the source of the dogs.
Responsible breeders get their dogs health checked, study pedigrees, and thoroughly vet their prospective puppy buyers to ensure they will be responsible owners. All breeders that I have EVER gotten a puppy or dog from have always stressed that they will take back the dog for any reason if I could no longer care for the dog. Buying from a responsible breeder is the best indication for ultimately being a responsible owner. After all, if you go through all the time and effort to investigate your new dog purchase and you pass the breeders vetting process, you are probably not going to dump it at the dog pound.
In my own quest for a dog, I researched many breeds and looked at size, temperment, breed characteristics, how they were with kids, prey drive, and energy level. Eventually, when it was decided that a whippet would be my perfect breed, I started the search for a whippet breeder. It took many months to find a whippet breeder and I waited many more months for my first whippet to come home with me.
You should also be able to have that choice. Those that rigidly tout "Adopt don't Shop" seek to deny YOU of that freedom of choice. The freedom to make the best decision for you and your family. A decision that we hope is based on facts not guilt, information not manipulation.

Click HERE to read about the Myth of Pet Overpopulation and learn more.

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